Partnering with the Hamilton Humane Society

June 18, 2016

Partnering with the Hamilton County Humane Society was an exciting time of the year for Aero
Interactive’s CEO, Lindsey Jones. After leading the design of the new website, she chose
to foster five kittens of her own.

In the following interview, Lindsey discloses her “crazy cat-lady” experience fostering, and how
you can help make a difference. In reality, the no-kill shelter can’t ensure the survival of each
animal without the support of donors and volunteers. When you choose to come alongside the
Hamilton County Humane Society, you’re helping fulfill their mission to “Love & Let Live” all
types of pets and find them comfortable homes.

How did you first get connected with the Hamilton County Humane Society?

“One of our really good clients, Creative Quarterback, connected us with the Hamilton County Humane Society (HCHS). Our friend who runs it, Nicole, had a vision to do a Pass it Forward campaign. The campaign is how we had our first onsite meeting with them.”

Share some of your favorite characteristics about HCHS?

“No matter how agressive or sick the animals are the center invests in the medicine or behavioral training to recuperate them to be adoption ready. The really awesome thing is HCHS is a no-kill shelter whatsoever. Each pet is rehabilitated until they are adopted and in full recovery.”

“They have such hearts to fight for the animals. They’ll always try to find the underlying cause and put them through behavioral training if necessary.”

“Every person loves the animals. Without the volunteers and the help HCHS has, they wouldn’t be able to provide the services they have. I might be personally biased, but I am fully supportive of pets that need homes.”

“People mention other humane societies in the area, and I think to myself they’re not HCHS. I refer them to HCHS because to me, it’s the best shelter there is.”

Why did you choose to foster?

“Because I love animals. Sometimes it’s as simple as that. I really just want to be a bigger hands-on part of the organization, seeing what they do and who they are. That was a part of my motivation. It was really rewarding.”

Aero Interactive's Creative Director Fosters Hamilton Humane Society Kittens

Do you recommend animal adoption/fostering?

“You first see the animals in the shelter and they’re really scared. Then you take them home and once they’re settled in you see a dramatic shift in their personalities. It’s so important for them to get adopted.”

Aero Interactive's Hamilton Humane Society Kitten Fosters on Their Way to Indy Mega Adoption Event
Kittens on the Way to Indy Mega Adoption Event

“For instance, on a larger scale with a dog: if you walk into the adoption center, the dogs lunge at their crates and it’s craziness, but when they get into a foster setting, they get more relaxed. They have time to rest for the high-energy environment of an adoption event.When they’re brought into a home, they’ start feeling calmer and more secure.”

“Fostering is so important… HCHS has a hard time getting fosters because of the time commitment. Their shelter is way over capacity. Getting more foster families gives more space for the center, which means more room for animals. It’s my understanding that they’ll take in as many animals as they can possibly contain.”

“All the kittens I fostered were adopted and that was a great experience. I really can get behind what HCHS does because they’re so personally invested in everything they do.”

Have there been any funny kitten stories worth sharing?

“All of the stories I have are just embarrassing… I didn’t know kittens could jump as high as they could. I started out with a baby gate, then, a four-foot box – which didn’t work. Every now and then, while working, I’d see a kitten flying, catapulting through the air.

Aero Interactive's Creative Director Fosters Hamilton Humane Society Kittens

It was challenging to stay focused, and there were times I was pulling out my hair while on conference calls. But overall it was an incredible experience.”

hamilton-humane-society-foster-kitten-savannah“There was one I planned to keep – named Savannah. Come to find out I’m allergic to cats. It got worse and worse as time went on… I had them for about a month and a half but would foster forever if I could.”

“I already had one cat, and fostered five, I think that qualifies me as the “cool” crazy cat lady? My  current cat’s name is Jaymee after the main character in Walk to Remember. It’s my favorite movie of all time!”

“I never even thought I was a cat person, then one time I went to pick up a cat for my friend. There were two cats left, and we were going to have to walk away from the final one. She was the smallest and no one had adopted her, so I took her home.”

Tell us about HCHS mission and why you support their cause.

“HCHS’  gives every single animal the chance it deserves. Being able to showcase what they do goes so far. The testimonials, statistics… The website puts the facts in front of people’s faces and makes it even more impactful.”

Describe the process of creating their website and what components Aero took into consideration.

“This was one of our bigger projects, with 40 plus pages of content.”

“Starting with the site map, we took the most important, most impactful and most engaging information and put it at the forefront of their site. Focusing on the structure of their home page, as far as their news and announcements. That was huge for them.”

“HCHS is funded almost entirely by donors; they couldn’t exist without them. Such a great community of donors support them. One of the biggest features we worked on was the donate functionality. We asked ourselves how we could bring that to the forefront so people wouldn’t miss it. Our hope was to drive those donations.”

Hamilton Humane Society Homepage Design

“Another key thing were the stats, the stories by the numbers. They catch your attention and pull on your heart. We’re trying to tell that story and nudge people into wanting to foster, donate, or adopt. Sometimes when you see the stats behind it, it drives that want. They’ve also really ramped up their social media, so we made sure to weave in their Instagram. They wanted to showcase that and ensure it was getting due attention on their site.”

Aero Interactive Partners with Hamilton Humane Society - Stats and Numbers

Interested in a fostering? Consider volunteering at The Hamilton County Humane Society or donating to make a difference! Check out their new website at

Written by Claire Fisk