Aero Interactive visits The Big Easy

May 5, 2017

A cool blend of hot tech and sweet Jazz

“America’s fastest growing tech conference.”

This week, several of our senior staff from Aero Interactive were in attendance for Collision, a Conference in The Big Easy known for being “America’s fastest growing tech conference.” Collision was the brainchild of the team behind Web Summit. Representing over 100 countries, attendees numbered nearly 20,000, and include CEOs from the world’s fastest growing startups and largest companies, elbow to elbow with leading investors and media. Positioned between two weekends of the Jazz Fest, conference-goers are welcomed to come for the tech and stay for the jazz.

Speaker Jennifer Litoja from Sengrid

Jennifer shared insightful email strategies to Achieve 40x ROI. She stated that it takes 5 impressions for a consumer to recognize your brand. An immediate welcome email following opt-in is key. If you expect to maintain a good sender reputation, knowing CAN-SPAM compliance rules is essential.

To find out which emails perform better and resonates with your customer split testing (A/B testing) proves valuable. This research allows marketers to test content, design and timing. Be certain you have answered the most critical question: Who is your ideal customer? Take into account what you’re writing, how you’re presenting it visually and what time your audience is most likely to engage.

Millenials and Marketing Mindsets

Kathryn Minshew from The Muse

Kathryn revealed insights in her topic, “You Just Don’t Get Me: Understanding Millennials.” In many workplaces today, nothing is permanent but change. The truth is not a given. People have a high authenticity detector. Millennials take the trouble to check out online reviews for future employers to see if their mission statements truly hold up. Millenials work better when they work with organizations that match their value.
Thousands of jobs exist for high-demand talent roles. To catch the Millenial’s eye, it is important to position a career like you might advertise a product. HR has evolved to employment marketer. Free food and perks don’t drive motivation. To attract, engage and retain an employee base, you must think of people as individuals, offer the mission and opportunities of the role and the pathways to development. They must be able to do what they love and be allowed choices and a measure of control.

Max Mullen (Instacart) and Angela Moon (Reuters)

Mullen and Moon suggested advertising in untraditional ways in their message, “Why We Don’t Need Marketing… At least not all the time.”

Initially, Instacart had no marketing budget. How did they come up with the idea? Working on just software, Max was burnt out and wanted to do something applicable in the real world; where the activity in the app affected something in the real world.

They marketed one way through finding ways to give existing customers a better experience and letting them market to others. He found his customers with partner brands. Currently, Instacart partners with Whole Foods, Costco, Publix, etc. Eventually, they utilized more science behind their marketing and let that guide their current efforts. Instacart now operates in 45 markets across the nation and is a 3.4 billion dollar company. Geographically, they’re expanding in the markets where people are expected to increase. With America being a $7 billion dollar grocery market.

Instacart differs from Amazon, Fresh Direct and others because they understand  how very loyal people are to the grocery store where they shop (like Whole Foods). When you shop a Whole Foods you trust the brand and know what you’re getting when you shop there. Instacart delivers food from grocery stores, not warehouses and they’re just faster than competitors. In the near future, Instacart will be launching in small and medium cities. The demand for grocery delivery continues to increase. Instacart wants to add another 80-100 markets by the end of next year – to cover 80% of American households.

“I advise entrepreneurs and startups to talk to your customers. I don’t see young startups doing that enough and it’s super easy to do. Doing user research is part of talking to customers. I like to talk personally to customers. On my 30-minute train commute, I look at all the negative reviews we receive and email them personally asking for their thoughts or ask them to call me. You find incredible insights from talking to customers one-to-one all the time. We’re constantly blending new ways to grow faster and smarter and it’s challenging. You have to be very creative to think of new ways to grow without spending money.”

Connecting the Global Market

Leila Janah of Samasource

Eloquent speaker Leila Janah shared insights on “The Buying Equation is Broken.” She highlighted why there should be more incentives for corporations to buy products and employ talent in an ethical way.

“Buyers and consumers are changing. As we become a more global society, many consumers care about fair-trade, organic, ethically sourced products.” Generally speaking, we don’t know the people we’re buying from. If we highlight the human beings behind what we buy, we create meaningful connections. Humans are driven to connect and the marketplace is an extension of that.

Samasource creates ways to bring back our sense of community. You can actually meet the women in Uganda who pick the nuts that go into what you’re purchasing. Such interaction adds depth to a beauty industry that seems otherwise shallow. They profile their workers to help determine the best fit.
“At Sama, we help people lift themselves out of poverty through digital work organizing unstructured data. Our two programs are #Samasource and #Samaschool. #givework”

Collision provided an exciting and informative few days for Aero Staffers. They’re already booking for next year’s Collision. If you want to get in on the cutting edge of marketing, tech and hear excellent speakers (and who knows who you might run into!) you can be a part of it next year. Maybe we’ll see you there!