Emerging Leaders Gain Big Through GSMP

May 23, 2017

Global Sports Mentoring Program World Impact

Group of women impacted by GSMP, emerging leaders.

Since 2014, Global Sports Mentoring Program  (GSMP) empowers women and impacts people, communities and countries one life at a time. GSMP travels to countries all over the world starting sports programs that invest in, train and educate women about the importance of their voice in their society and their culture. They connect emerging leaders with sports mentors from the United States, many of whom are women positioned in leadership.

Not only that, Sports for Community offers one-month mentorship experiences for emerging leaders and focuses on serving their local communities by increasing access to and opportunities for participation in sports. Over 60 countries are currently represented, with more being added all the time.

GSMP website contains rich content photos and videos. With hundreds of pictures, dozens of stories and countless videos, visitors, and followers drill down to see what’s happening in specific countries. They follow which programs are offered and what happens within those countries.

The list of active countries changes constantly. As a continually updated and evolving source, both positive and uplifting, we encourage you to grab your morning cup of joe and prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the ongoing work of Global Sports Mentoring Program.

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