Ending the need for spreadsheets

February 2, 2017

Accounting Revolution

By the time Single Source Solutions met with us, they’d worked with thousands of customers. Aware that commissions were a source of aggravation, Single Source Solutions believed standardizing an incentive product needed suitably addressed.
Usually, commissions and incentives rely heavily on accounting departments and tried-and-true spreadsheets. Countless hours have been devoted to making and managing a process well-known for errors and unwanted headaches. By phasing out spreadsheets, they hope to streamline the incentive process. However, months of working with their client base paid off. Single Source developed IncentViz, a custom software incentive tracking program.

Refresh and Renew

As parent company to the original IncentViz website, Single Source opted for more dynamic imagery and visitor-friendly content. IncentViz’ current client base consists of educated pros using their incentive tracking. Their previous website accommodated that client base, but they wanted to appeal to new visitors and future markets. Also, their new pricing structure needed to be reflected.
Through their site, they hoped to inform new visitors of their commission tracking options and address new-user concerns. Single Source felt new visitors would benefit by participating in a free demo. Additionally, they wanted IncentViz established as a brand.

Revise and Revive

Single Source desired a website that would grow as they developed more applications for other commission-based markets. IncentViz expected new products in the near future. They were anxious to get the site up and running as soon as possible.
With visions of reaching into more markets, Single Source and Aero worked together closely on content and new pages. Once Single Source added their feedback, Aero got to work on the build. Despite the hectic holiday season, Aero tweaked and revised both content and design. With only minor adjustments, they worked eagerly to complete development.

Ready to Rock

Finally, at the big reveal, a thrilled IncentViz team was granted a week to test-drive, review and make any change requests before going live. During this time, Aero provided a virtual training session. This helps clients understand how to make changes and adjustments to their site. Additionally, Aero gave IncentViz written training materials which included screenshots of every step. Aero provided their audio training sessions, for future reference, ensuring that IncentViz is comfortable managing the site day-to-day. With only minor asks from the IncentViz team, the site was approved and launched right on schedule. We are glad to see IncentViz starting the New Year off with a beautiful website and look forward to their success!