Top Five Business Owner Questions for On-The-Go Clients

November 10, 2016

With over a million and a half mini-computers activated in the US alone, the world is literally at your fingertips. Take a peek at these 5 Questions to find out how mobile friendly your site is.

1. What makes a site mobile friendly?

Having an “interactive” on-line presence means investing in a website that is useful to audiences no matter what device they are using. Viewing a website from a desktop computer usually produces no navigation problems. However, have you ever pulled up the same website with your smartphone and found to your surprise that you could only view one corner of the first page? If you have to scroll left to right and up and down to read the page content on your phone or tablet, that’s your first clue that you’ve landed on a “non-interactive” site. The shortcoming becomes even more noticeable with skewed graphics are  and disproportionate content on your mobile screen.

2. Why should my website be “mobile friendly”?

With more people than ever using smartphones and tablets, optimizing your site’s usefulness and appeal across all devices is a wise business move. This is validated by the fact that mobile web traffic has overtaken overall web traffic. In the U.S., usage of these portable mini-computers escalated to 51% while desktop usage now peaks at 42%. Also, the number of smartphone searches has grown by 43 percent and 73 percent of users access the internet via mobile devices even while at home with a desktop computer available.

Man Using Smartphone Social Media Hipster concept

In 2015, approximately 165 million smartphones were being used to conduct online searches. This number rose to 191.4 million in early 2016 according to stats. This demonstrates that some of that 43% surge in phone-based searches can be attributed to mobile device ownership increasing by nearly 16% in just twelve months. This 16% rise promises even greater growth in on-line mobile usage and the need for scaling businesses to adapt by building interactive websites.

3. Are Interactive websites really worth the cost?

Without being mobile friendly, the percentage of visits that become purchases or provide other lucrative leads is 23%. However, these results nearly triple to 60% for a mobile-friendly site. That says it all. If your website is not interactive viewers tend to get frustrated at the effort required to navigate and may skip to a different site. You have about five seconds to snag this more tech savvy crowd.

4. What does a mobile-friendly site look like?

While navigating a smaller screen, the layout should fit a smaller device leaving plenty of space around “call to action” buttons so that users can click what visitors want without tapping unintended buttons and shooting them in the wrong direction. The “call to action” icons (contact us, join here, buy now, menu, map, etc.) should be easy to find with the fewest number of steps to complete a purchase or other transaction. Design the site with scrolling, swiping and tapping in mind.

5. How do I make my site mobile friendly?

With the advances that continue in technology, there are currently two ways to make your web page user-friendly. You’ll want to look at the pros and cons of Responsive vs. Mobile friendly website designs and how they impact your sales and your budget in the short and long term. Our team at Aero Interactive can help. Smart solutions shares an easy-to-read pros and cons chart that explains both with a comparison chart of features that you can peruse right here.
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Check out the interactivity of your site with this free Google tool.

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