Helping Business Owners Make the Most of Their Website

October 6, 2016

To survive in today’s technology ecology, a website is a “must have.”

To help you understand the fundamentals of establishing a suitable on-line presence, we’ll look at eight main aspects of website ergonomics. This easy to understand overview will lay groundwork for subsequent posts where we break down each subject even more. Let’s get started!

8 Tips to Optimize Web Traffic

1. Build your brand

When choosing your domain name, ask yourself, “Is it brandable and memorable?” Ideally, it perfectly describes your business without being generic. It stands out in the brain. Your name is one of your biggest assets for building your brand. Once you’ve created the greatest name ever, it’s time to build your audience. You don’t want to be just another drop in the ocean, you want to be a wave! So how do you rise above it all to be seen? How do you build name recognition? Make your biggest ally Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

2. Determine Your Target Audience

Who are your clientele and what about your business is most relevant to them? Strong, applicable and engaging information is vital. Use key words, include bold headlines and subtitles that draw visitors to important points. Online readers tend to skim over content making it critical to highlight your unique selling points (USPs) and calls to action (CTAs). The valuable content of  web pages can also be reiterated in blog posts.

3. Assess the Locality Factor

Does it matter what regions you focus on? Geo-Targeting further tailors what you say to your audience. It delivers web content based on where clients live or work – whether specific to a country, region, state, city, metro, zip code or other criteria.

4. Weigh What You Say

Man writing in notepad with paper cup of coffeeThe Heart and Soul of Your Website is Content. Seventy-two percent of marketers worldwide said relevant content creation is the most effective SEO tactic according to a June 2015 Ascend2 report. (source: MarketingProfs)

Good content educates your audience while answering questions about products and services. This collection of carefully selected words can show customer’s their need and offer a focused solution. It generates buzz about upcoming events or new developments. Supplying link-worthy articles or posts that interest your readers and their circle of influence will expand your reach. This facilitates networking with people who are posting similar content – you link to them and ask them to link to you.

5. Becoming “Interactive”

Is your website tablet and phone friendly? Investigate switching up to a tablet and phone friendly interactive website. Mobile web traffic has now overtaken online access points. In the U.S., mobile visits rose to 51% while desktop access fell to 42%. The number of searches on mobile devices has grown by 43 percent year-over-year. Seventy-three percent of users conduct online search via mobile devices while at home, even when they have access to a computer.

6. Measure the Results

After putting together an amazing website, how will you know if your investment is paying off? You can utilize Install Analytics and get familiarized with the Google Search Console. Another option, Yoast SEO, will show how your page content rates for optimization and readability.

7. Include Keywords

Although you shouldn’t go overboard, keywords may be carefully placed throughout the page’s verbiage. These should appear in the title and headers of each page and in the body of your content. Locate them as close to the first and last sentences of content as possible. You can also make keywords part of your URL. Tools like Google’s Keyword Planner and Keyword Tool greatly aid your research for different keywords that may relate to your product, service or industry.

8. Attract and Retain Traffic

Not seeing enough activity on your website? Make it a priority to keep visitors engaged with a smooth flowing and understandable site. Making sure all your links work correctly improves your ranking and helps retain visitors.

In the following weeks we will expound on each of the eight points, so stay tuned and let us know how these tips have helped you!

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