Streamlining The Open Enrollment Process

December 1, 2016

Making Open Enrollment painless for My Heritage Group

Autumn means back to school, cooler temperatures and football. Each year, for millions of Americans, it also means the Open Enrollment period for medical benefits. Employees must make important decisions that impact their medical options for the coming year. Often daunting and even frustrating, many businesses desire to make the Open Enrollment process transparent and painless. Such was the goal of First Person, an Indianapolis-based Human Resources organization. Small and medium-sized businesses often have HR needs but might not be able to justify the cost of a full-time in-house HR department. Numerous businesses entrust their needs to First Person.

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-6-26-51-pmFirst Person handles the HR demands of their clients and also its own employees. First Person set out to become an HR industry leader by finding easier ways for employees to access information regarding benefit options, healthcare resources and blogs for well being. The Aero team connected with First Person through our longstanding partnership with PR firm Creative Quarterback.

Earlier this year, Aero successfully launched The site gave visitors access to consumer resources and  a blog.  A secure login portal allowed access to individual employee benefit documents. Pleased with Go Live Smart,  First Person pitched the benefits website concept to their clients. Their client  My Heritage Group jumped at the opportunity.

Secure access. Peace of mind.

With Open Enrollment only a few weeks away, the Aero team dove into creating a multi-site environment. They worked closely with Creative Quarterback and My Heritage Group regarding branding, content and site imagery. First Person and My Heritage required access for editing the branding and content. With that in mind, Aero ensured that the back end remained easy to use. Anticipating that more First Person clients would desire similar sites in the future, the Aero team established an easy replication system.

Aero introduced Box to the My Heritage site. Box is a document storage application in which all individual PDF libraries for various benefit options are stored. User logins present specific document libraries for viewing and download. With the build successfully completed, First Person needed to understand how to make changes, on either one or both sites for day-to-day operations. Aero assisted their team with detailed training sessions. In mid-October, with their team trained and open enrollment days away, was launched.

Information when you need it.

The Open Enrollment period became the acid test. Despite quality assurance tests, no one could simulate the actual quantity of My Heritage employees that logged onto the site. An enrollment period of only two weeks left no room for downtime or flaws within the site.With 24/7 access to their benefit options, employees investigated and discussed their decisions with their families. Open Enrollment came and went successfully!

Thrilled,  First Person achieved their goal of providing an effective resource tool for its employees and clients. Aero looks forward to continuing our relationship with First Person, our friends at Creative Quarterback and hope to see more duplicate site developments for next year’s benefit season.