Optiform Custom Software Systems

December 2, 2016

Optiform creates custom solutions for your business

In the winter of 2016, Aero Interactive teamed up with Optiform through our long-standing partner, Torchlite. Torchlite, was eager to begin a marketing campaign for software partner Optiform but knew a website upgrade was essential for their success. We sat down with Optiform at their office and began the journey of developing their new web presence.

Slim but strong, Optiform holds the rights to sell, install, and manage the most robust processing systems on the market. They focus on helping organizations save time and money by utilizing software systems to manage their data processing needs. The complexity of data processing means there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each client has unique product needs, expectations and budgets. Optiform  creates custom software solutions to accommodate each client. Aero also wanted to help Optiform integrate their own line of custom software.

Reaching a diverse range of new and long-standing clients

These large scale projects involve months of devotion, starting with designing the solution to post-installation maintenance and training. The Aero team worked diligently to understand Optiform’s diverse target audience, product line and company vision. Optiform wanted their site to reflect several key aspects. Foremost, the high value they place on relationships with potential and long-standing clients. This also includes those interested in reselling the Optiform software as well as representatives from product manufacturers, software developers and other strategic partners. Optiform’s diminutive size  allowed their audience to develop close connections with the team.optiform-our-team-screenshot

The Aero Team connected Optiform with local photography and videographer, Tom Corey of CoCreate Films. Tom created new team photos and biographies. After developing a comprehensive site map, Aero organized information to follow the most logical path for the best user experience. Optiform’s clients include local governments, hospitals and universities.

With the design and content established, the Aero development team took six weeks to build out the site. After entering content and imagery they performed a full quality assurance protocol across multiple web browsers and devices. By summertime, Optiform.com was ready for launch. Optiform users now have access to a beautiful, visually appealing site that easily explains everything Optiform has to offer. On the new site, brief content helps users navigate their choices, all products are accessible and logos of key partners are prominently displayed. We’re proud to have delivered a site that fulfilled their desires and wish the Optiform team all the best for the future.

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