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March 23, 2017

Tunesmiths share the stage with celluloid stars and techno toys

In March of this year, SXSW conference goers converged on the capital of the Longhorn state to view new films, enjoy a comprehensive blend of new, emerging, international and iconic musicians and interact with Tomorrowland tech.

Some highlights of this year’s annual event

What you should know about:
• Gaggles of good-looking celebs glided down red carpets at many of the film premières and appeared at various watering holes around town. But many event goers will long be talking about Joe Biden’s impassioned plea for tech frontrunners and visionaries to get more involved in research geared towards finding cancer cures.
• The fake news frenzy of late and high visibility talks about hacking added to frequent discussions regarding the future of the internet. Some other hot topics included much ado about influencers, VR & AG and their looming impact on web design.
• PSA: If you used your smartphone to check out VR  after a mere two hours, you discovered your phone redlining. And who among us travels with a charger in their pocket? What’s a dying smartphone user to do? REWOP to the 9-1-1! REWOP launched their Android and iOS app to help anxious smartphone users find places to recharge their devices. Since well over two-thirds of smartphone users across the country experience low or dead battery anxiety the REWOP download is free. Look for it in Google Play or the App Store.
• Many event-goers took a gander at the self-driving cars NIO Eve and EP9, which proved to be major attractions. Both are sleek stylish and automated. Space capsule like exteriors and even more futuristic interiors with comfy seating, windows that double as entertainment screens and the eye-popping absence of any steering mechanism.
Which leads to one of the reasons we came to SXSW  in the first place…

While not quite VR, you are able to go along for the ride:

If you’re among those who always wanted to climb Mount Everest but for a myriad of reasons found yourself unable, (lack of fitness, funding or fearlessness) follow two pro-climbers Cory Richards and Adrian Ballinger on their Snap documented journey. See the link at the end of this post.

Sony’s Wow Factory, across the street from the convention center, provided VR user experiences in several capacities. One, Synesthesia Suit a full body outfit containing 26 actuators that vibrate all over your body. It takes a little time to get suited up but once you’re buckled in, don the PlayStation VR headset and you are good to go. Because the suit activates sensation through the actuators placed strategically throughout your arms, body and legs you feel the game as a full body experience.
Check out Splash a consumer app that allows your smartphone to record and share VR videos in seconds.
Aero will keep an eye out for new applications of these exciting new platforms!

Annually, South by Southwest rolls out the red carpet inviting creativity in its many forms. Converging film & music industries and merging with interactive. Interactive technology runs the gamut from computer software, apps to robotics and fully automated vehicles. Discover the full SXSW history.

See Cory Richards and Adrian Ballinger‘s adventure.

Maybe we’ll see you there next year!