Partnering with the Sky

May 25, 2017

The Sky’s the Limit

Tennessee-based Training BOOM came to our attention early in the year wanting to update their brand & logo. Making their website a stronger marketing tool filled the slot at the top of their list. They needed future clients to understand how they filled an important gap between continuing education and saving time. A complete overhaul seemed a likely solution.

The FAA requires pilots to complete ongoing training each year. Keeping them up to date on their required yearly training can be costly and time-consuming. BOOM’s learning management system allows pilots to complete this remotely, instead of via traditional classroom training.

Their fairly upscale demographic consists of mature, well-established pilots who may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with computer technology to younger, and very tech savvy pilots. Training BOOM and Aero wanted to create a comfortable site appealing to both. Training BOOM desired their message and mission to be clear to site visitors.

The Aero Team created a new, eye-catching logo sporting a three blade turbo propeller. The tagline, “online aviation training” clarifies their mission statement. Aero installed a blend of new and vintage plane imagery in keeping with the aviation theme.

Flying Higher

A new homepage drop down menu uses a strong indigo backdrop against bright white text, and pops off the page like stars against a night sky for easy reading. On smaller devices, a gold highlighting bar makes selection visibility just a little bit nicer.

Aero chose stunning views from the cockpit, revealing beautiful vistas above the clouds. The subtle difference in perspective makes a stunning impact. An alphabetized training library previously consisted of three type-heavy columns. Aero created a grid with each title enclosed in a frame with bright aviation related imagery. Restructured information makes the site visually appealing and simple to locate subjects.

Aero’s judicious use of white space and streamlined content brightens the support page theme. Bold call-to-action buttons to schedule a free demo are accessible across all devices and mobile phones. This comprehensive site additionally offers visitors access to the blog and invites them to sign up for premium content. Training BOOM’s contact information graces the bottom of each page, keeping the site cohesive, informative and understated and makes excellent use of intuitive experience.

Training Boom is flying high with the look of their new site. Aero was thrilled to make such an impact. We look forward to Training Boom’s success!