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November 2016
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Anagin Team Heads Up New PTSD Developments

Bio-Tech Start Up

Millions Touched by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms

At Indiana University Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis-based Anagin conducts research with the vision of creating a treatment for PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury. In those patients, symptoms like anxiety, depression, and addiction are treated without addressing the root cause. True healing usually falls outside the limits of currently available treatments. Anagin’s aware of this enormous demand for PTSD progress blew us away.

Given the statistics available from the Department of Veterans Affairs, it’s no secret how many lives are touched by PTSD. Anagin hopes their research will yield improvements for many issues affecting the brain. While PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury top the list, they hope this leads to many more opportunities.

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A Promising Start

Passion in the Process

New Website Tells Their Story

The long process of Clinical drug trials begins with a new idea. Researchers exploring a hypothesis require funding and support to validate their claims. Biotech companies that form around these new, innovative ideas earnestly apply for grants and gather investors. With a website, Biotech start-up Anagin suspected that by unveiling their research, courting investors would go more smoothly. The Anagin team connected with Aero to develop a site that would tell their story and grow with them as their research advanced.

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The Anagin Team

Responsible & Caring

The Anagin team consists of business leaders and scientists with decades of experience.

They feel a high level of commitment and a burden to discover cures that will drastically change lives. They wanted a website design that would easily expand and that they could easily update on their own. The Aero team partnered with Anagin researchers to develop expressive content. Anagin hoped to reach into the heart of visitors and highlight science without revealing any of their research secrets.

With content and design approved, Aero moved into developing the site. They wanted to create a design with a cutting-edge feel. Anagin’s advancements have drawn the attention of medical journals and news agencies. This made a News page essential. Showcasing their varied forms of media and publications required special attention. Aero’s team made Anagin’s News page filterable by category, making additional categories easy to add and edit. As Anagin inevitably gains traction, their team will continue expanding. Aero designed a team page identifying members by their important roles.

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Cutting-Edge Hope

A cutting-edge look

Once Aero completed development they moved to the next step. They passed through its strenuous quality assurance process. This included tests across popular web browsers and a multitude of screen sizes. They performed a full debugging and finally, gave the green light. Aero revealed the site to Anagin and provided them with comprehensive training. The Anagin team could not be more pleased. As a beautiful tool, the site feels as cutting-edge as their research. Content tweaks have already been required because of new developments that occurred since the original content approval! The Aero team feels a debt of gratitude to have been a part of creating a site for such worthy research. We look forward to watching Anagin grow and provide relief to millions around the world who live with PTSD and TBI.

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