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Development, User Experience, Web Design

Launch Date
November 2016

The Creative Brief

The First Step

A brick and mortar building: no longer just a lifeless shell housing a business.

As an industry leader, Envelop helps breathe fresh life into business structures. First of all, through automated technologies, they impact and maximize every area of the structure. As an entity that requires a calculated amount of care, a building can be an asset or an albatross. Consequently, internal environments can be synchronous or scattershot. Envelop represents manufacturers of software, hardware and firmware. They create customized systems of complex functionality. Within those, they collect and analyze data regarding usage, utilities and/or integrative life-saving technologies.

Validated custom solutions
Open Controlled systems

Starting with Strategy

Design & build services

Valuing Automated Analytics

Based on collected analytics from the data system, adjustments may save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of that building. Automated buildings integrate complex systems. Cooling towers, HVAC, software and wireless technologies work together to create customized environments within a structure. For example, a clean air environment for a surgical suite; a temperature controlled environments for digital equipment; and effectively regulated ambient temperatures and air quality throughout an entire facility.
Also, Envelop monitors environments in addition to making adjustments regarding utility consumption. By locating specific vulnerabilities, cost-effective modifications can be tracked, thereby saving valuable resources. The applications for advanced automation are many. Envelop secured 250 doors in Westfield, Indiana. They’ve installed fire alarm systems in a Purdue University affiliate senior living facility. They’ve maintained critical-care air handling in St. Joseph’s hospital in Tampa, Florida, to name just a few.

B2B on the go

Information Architecture

New & Tech Savvy

Envelop Companies Work Together Seamlessly

Envelop integrated systems make facilities management more tech-forward with a goal of impacting and optimizing every square foot. They wanted their website to explain who they are collectively, what they offer and some of their accomplishments. In the somewhat new field of automated facilities, they wanted to show why they’re so trusted and consulted. Often called upon as the consultant’s consultant, all of Envelop’s expert staff of sales professionals are degreed engineers. Envelop wanted a site that informed new visitors without getting bogged down in heavy content. They hoped to highlight services and make navigation accessible for both onboard, tech savvy clients as well as those requiring a little extra service care.

Monitoring Services
Communication Services

Solution: Custom Automated Solutions to fit every budget

Making informed decisions

Leaders in their Field

To start, as a business to business company, Envelop sets the bar to a very high standard. They work closely with architects, business owners and contractors in several areas of importance. As a result, their knowledgeable team understands the nuances of each product they represent. Their fluency with price points allows them to work within most budgets. Envelop’s qualified team implements and installs those products. Their custom systems span a variety of facilities with varying needs, traffic patterns and data responses. Envelop dedicated a tab to some of their favorite, select case studies from different regions.
Envelop desired to share the company logos of those they represent. The PDF downloadable pages list Validated Custom Solutions, separated by region. This allows current and potential clients to see the quality products and manufacturers available in their area.

Case Studies Page

The Results

Celebrating Success

Building for future growth

Secondly, the Envelop team felt it necessary that options be created within their site for future expansion. With that in mind, Aero developed a site map with specific colors and select imagery while using stylized graphics with easily installed upgrades. The sidebar menu slide-out helps navigate through several Envelop groups along with Support, Contact and Locations pages. Visitors can read about Envelop, see their headquarters and their leadership. The leadership page includes current team member photos and bios. Each page contains more subgroups, further explaining their capabilities and services. Most notable, Envelop’s page which describes their Indianapolis Headquarters, outlining their own customized solution.
In conclusion, Aero, pleased to have worked with Envelop, delivered an informative, visually pleasing site that Envelop loved. We wish Envelop great success as this industry continues to expand.

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