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Web Design, Web Development, User Experience, Information Architecture, Photography

Launch Date
Initial Launch May 2016
Refresh May 2021
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The Challenge

Building a Showcase

Gershman Partners is a longstanding family-run commercial real estate construction company. They are responsible for the creation of many beautiful shopping centers and building restorations in the midwest. Family-owned and operated by three brothers and their father, the firm has a rich history, strong portfolio, and dignified reputation. Their original website failed to showcase their most current and impressive projects. Aero custom built the new site to feature more recent projects and additionally updated for mobile optimization.  In 2021 Aero did a full site refresh featuring even newer works and built with fresh code and industry standards.

New Homepage Design
New Project Showcase Page Design

The Process

It is a beautiful thing when family can cohesively work together, maintain a strong bond, and successful business. Each of the brothers play an essential role in running their business and care deeply about how their family business is visually represented on the web.  A variety ideas on how best to convey the vision and voice of the company were presented, giving our team the opportunity to learn extensively about their goals. We were able to offer suggestions and iterations to reflect these ideas. After a series of revisions, the Aero design team delivered a visually compelling homepage to engage user interest and show off the masterpiece locations in the Gershman portfolio.

Mobile-First Design

The Process

The Process

Aero was proudly able to refer the brothers to our local photography partner, Tom Corey of CoCreate Films. An intricate part of the site’s success would be powerful photography of the Gershman Partners projects. While Tom was capturing completed work and projects in processes, the Aero developers set out to build the new site. The homepage stands out and is memorable because of a featured masonry grid of images to highlight the various projects. The exact code to make the grid responsive and consistent required precision to be mobile-ready. The internal portfolio page has specialized inherent filtering functionality for users to sort through their longstanding portfolio. In depth quality assurance on multiple browsers and devices were performed to ensure all site elements looked their best no matter when or how they were viewed.

Team Page
Team Member Modal

This was a big step up for Gershman Partners. We’re incredibly proud of our development portfolio and the experienced team that leads the work. This new site showcases our talented team and their innovative development.

The Outcome

The Outcome

In the end the Gershman site successfully achieved the high end, wow factor, modern feel they were aiming for. Through open communication, dedication and talent, the Aero team met all of the project goals and created a beautiful, high functioning site to encourage prospective clients to engage with the Gershman Partners.

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