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April 2017

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Aero met with our long-standing client Global Sports Mentoring Program (GSMP) in Tennessee. Over the last several years, we’ve developed a relationship starting with building their initial website, then a pleasing overhaul. GSMP has been delighted with Aero’s work. Based on analytics and continued growth, they pinpointed areas on their site that needed tweaking. Additionally, GSMP desired to aesthetically refresh their current site.

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It hasn’t always been easy to find good news in the current climate of our country. Every once in a while, someone throws the proverbial stone in the pond, but it’s rare to see what happens beyond that first set of ripples. Global Sports Mentoring Program is no ordinary stone, but the herald of real change and potentially many stones in many ponds around the world.

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Since 2014, they have been impacting people, communities and countries one life at a time through Sports mentoring. GSMP travels to countries all over the world starting sports programs that empower emerging female leaders. The program educates them about the importance of their voice in their society and their culture. GSMP connects these women with mentors from the United States, many of whom are women in positions of leadership.

Documenting Change
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Diversity Waging Peace

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With over 60 countries currently represented, and more being added all the time, GSMP’s  site contains rich content. GSMP observed that their visitors and followers drill down to see what’s happening in specific countries. They want to know which programs are offered and the effect within those countries. The list of active countries changes constantly. With hundreds of photos, dozens of stories and countless videos, Aero sought to streamline GSMP’s content into digestible chunks, making sure all of it gets carried over to the correct environment.

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The Finished Product

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An exciting future ahead

Lastly, although the choices remained the same, Aero replaced the icon of three bars with the word “menu”. Instead of unwieldy automatic drop down submenus, Menu shows clickable arrows. Clicking those reveal submenus. The format remains mobile responsive but the header doesn’t disappear when you scroll down as it did in the previous design. Larger fonts make content easier to read across all devices. Social media icons placed at the top of the page remain static in the header bar even while scrolling.

GSMP couldn’t be more pleased with the refreshed design and Aero was thrilled to work with them again.

As a continually updating source both positive and uplifting, Aero encourages you to grab your morning cup of joe and prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the ongoing work of Global Sports Mentoring Program.

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