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June 2016
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The Challenge

Clear and Cohesive UX & UI

Saving All

As the largest no-kill animal shelter in Indiana, The Humane Society of Hamilton County also stands as one of the largest no-kill shelters in the U.S. In the winter of 2015, the HSHC explored expanding their website. From donations to volunteer forms, missing and adoptable pets, and posting events online, the HSHC needed a rebuild. Our partner, local PR firm, Creative Quarterback, worked tirelessly raising funds for a full website rebuild through their Pass It Forward Campaign.


The HSHC Difference

Love & Let All Animals Live

Training and pairing

The HSHC is more than just a donation-funded shelter. They believe in rehabilitating all animals into adoptable pets. Through extensive training programs, they offer therapy animals to be paired with veterans. The shelter’s need for volunteers remains high. They constantly seek foster families for each pet until they find their forever home. The shelter showcases pet bios and upcoming adoption events. They wanted to make information user-friendly and easy to find.

Mobile-Optimized Design

The Process

The Results

Easy tracking

The wisdom behind the design applies simple performance to the site. Creating a large variety of forms proved to be the greatest component. The forms needed to be submitted and processed by different staff members within the shelter. The Aero team worked with HSHC to ensure that each form contained necessary details. Each one required a specific department. The developers installed Constant Contact, which the HSHC staff found easy to track and use.

The development team revamped the donation process. Donors can make one-time or scheduled donations in any dollar amount. Donations can be made to a specific program, in someone’s honor or memory. Aero created the option to notify a donor’s loved one when a donation is made in a loved-one’s name. Because of their long-term relationship with Paypal, the Aero team integrated Stripe. This allows a more simplified management of donations. The HSHC members were trained in the new system.

Planned Giving Options

The Outcome

The Outcome

As a great resource, the site aids in accepting donations and placing more pets in happy, permanent homes. Aero was pleased to accomplish so much for a well-deserving non-profit. We encourage all those who love of animals to visit the new site, donate and consider making a furry addition to your family!

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