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November 2015
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The Challenge

Hyde Park Venture Partners is an everyday Shark Tank. They are a group of angel investors who seek out promising technology and energy startups. Hyde Park provides these startups with the funds, resources and business savvy they need to take their vision to the next level. Hype Park does not simply throw money on good ideas, they mentor and monitor the business growth and development of all their investments. It’s truly a partnership. When Hyde Park decided it was time to revamp their web presence, they connected with Aero Interactive through our partnership with PR firm Creative Quarterback. Aero was eager to create a final product worthy of Hyde Parks purpose and investments.

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The Need

The Process

The team at Hyde Park wants to provide ongoing support to companies they invest in. As investments take off and build recognition of their own, Hyde Parks wants to showcase how and where they got started. Presenting the startups they invest in was key to creating a cohesive web design. Hyde Park wanted the site to feel welcoming, cutting edge, and professional. They worked side by side with Aero’s design team in deciding color palettes and revising the site map. After several revisions and collaboration with team member’s from both ends, Hyde Park signed off on a streamlined concept that focused on their investments, while providing clear and engaging insight into what they do.

Mobile-First Design



Hyde Park invests in a wide variety of technical start ups. They also provide different types of investment based on the needs and potential of each company. The Aero development team built out custom filtering so each start up could be advertised and properly categorized. The grid implemented allows clients to add and remove start up logos as needed. Aero knew Hyde Park would also like to share the success of their investments via social media and added a customized Twitter feed to the site. Rotating logo banners were also put in place for further display of their more successful investments. Thorough planning and strong communication between the Aero development and design teams ensured the build went smoothly and was completed to every design specification. Aero team members performed in-depth quality assurance across browsers on multiple desktop and mobile devices and were confident the site looked great for users before turing the final product over to Hyde Park.

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The Results

The Results

The Aero team was able to exceed Hyde Park’s expectations by keeping an open dialogue during the design process and following through to the end. Their new website is an engaging advertisement for each company they invest in and allow’s users interested in Hyde Parks to learn more about their process and services. We wish Hyde Park and all their start ups the greatest success.

View their new site today at hydeparkvp.com.

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