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January 2017
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The Challenge

Accounting Revolution

Incentive tracking is arduous under the best circumstances but increasingly more time-consuming.

Aero met with Single Source Systems at their home office in Fishers, Indiana. First, they explained their desire to update their previous Incentviz website. Their current mission drives their desire to inform sales teams, executives and reps. Having worked with thousands of customers, Single Source Solutions became aware that commissions were a source of aggravation. Standardizing an incentive product had not been addressed by most on-the-market ERP solutions.

Traditionally, sales reps and other commission based incentives have relied heavily on accounting departments and–tried and true, often revered–spreadsheets. Countless hours of valuable time have been dedicated to the generating and management of manual spreadsheets. Results depend on accurate input, which relies on a list of variables—common and unique—with each commission based program. It is a process well-known for miscalculations and unwanted headaches. Despite all the complexities and possible scenarios, months of working with their customer base paid off. Single Source Solutions developed Incentviz, a custom software commission program.

Incentviz features page
About Page Design

The Process

Revise and Revive

Developing a brand name website

Secondly, as the parent company to the original Incentviz site, Single Source Solutions opted for more dynamic Incentviz imagery. Additionally, the price point structure had changed and they wanted the page to reflect those changes.
Incentviz’ current client base consists of educated professionals familiar with incentive tracking. Their previous website accommodated that client base, but they wanted to appeal to new visitors and potential markets. An attractive, shared information page and easily recognized call to action would make for a more visitor-friendly experience.
Additionally, through their site, they hoped to inform new visitors of their commission tracking options, address new-user concerns. By eliminating spreadsheets, they hope to revitalize and streamline the incentive process. Inventviz felt new visitors would benefit greatly by participating in a free demo.
And finally, their underlying desire was establishing Incentviz as a brand. They desired a website that would grow as they developed applications for other commission-based markets. Incentviz anticipated new products rolling out in the near future. They were anxious to get the site up and running as soon as possible.

Mobile-First Design

The Progress

Integrating Fresh Boldness

Clean data, up to date reports, streamlined tracking

With a vision of expanding into many more markets, Aero worked closely with Single Source Solutions on content and new pages. Once IncentViz provided their feedback, Aero got to work. Despite the grueling holiday season, Aero worked quickly tweaking and revising both content and design.With only a few minor adjustments, Aero received the green light to begin site development.

Incentviz is an online platform. Keeping existing users connected to the login portal to access their data was crucial. During development, we connected the new website to that portal,  allowing a seamless transition. IncentViz monitors their leads and sends newsletters through a system called Pardot. Our developers worked with Pardot support to integrate the system which guaranteed all new leads arrived in IncentViz’s existing account.

Aero designed a landing page for IncentViz software engineers to add their product. In keeping with Single Source to request to keep the site streamlined, Aero developed pages around short info bytes. Intuitive navigation steered new visitors through Features, Pricing and a Free Demo call to action button. For current users, the site contains a secure login portal and Shared Knowledge page. We added content and applied styling for mobile use. Then, Aero quickly wrapped up building the site.

Exciting New Graphics
Free Interactive Demo

It looks amazing. I’m so happy with the final product. Thank you Aero Interactive for making this process so easy and delivering such a great new website! Please let your team know how happy we are. --Terry Smith

The Outcome

The Outcome

Aero and Incentviz meet for the big reveal

Thrilled, the IncentViz team was given a week to test-drive, review and make any change requests before going live. During this time, Aero provided a virtual training session. These help them understand how to make changes and adjustments to their site. Aero gave IncentViz written training materials that included screen shots of each step. For their future reference, they were provided with audio of their training session, ensuring that our clients are empowered to manage the site day-to-day. With only minor asks from the IncentViz team, the site was approved and launched right on schedule.

We are glad to see IncentViz starting the New Year off with a beautiful website and look forward to their success!

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