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March 2016
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Driving Force In Auto Care

The Starting Line

In our current world, it is almost impossible to get anywhere or very far in this country without a vehicle of some kind. They take us to work, take our kids to school and transport our food. Heavy duty vehicles help build the roads that connect us. Between cities, various farming industries fill the countryside, planting, cultivating and harvesting our food. Trucks deliver products, packages and so much more. Vehicles represent one segment of the critical infrastructure that makes this country tick along efficiently.
Many of us rarely give our transportation needs a second thought. We turn a key or punch a button and hit the gas. It’s fantastic until something goes wrong and our truck or car needs maintenance or even repaired. From simple upkeep to after-market parts, NA Williams has been an unsung hero in the supply chain of auto care, reaching into commercial vehicles. From auto repair shops to retail outlets, NA Williams representatives know this industry well.

Data Analysis

Starting Strategy

Frame Off Restoration

NA Williams is a heavy hitter in the North American aftermarket auto care industry, a provider of sales, marketing, consulting, research, training, call center and merchandising services. As an outsource sales team with reps, they wanted to inform current clients of their full range of services, which includes servicing aftermarket distributors and fleets of heavy-duty vehicles, serving customers and manufacturers, Data Link Marketing Services and National Account teams.
NA Williams has enjoyed an 80-year long reputation in the automotive industry, but when their business evolved beyond their current website, they opted for an update. With a primary goal of improving overall user-experience as well as a desire for a mobile-first build that improved ease of search capabilities and discovery of available services.They chose the AeroInteractive team to help develop a vibrant website that would afford them a new level of dynamic professionalism that connects them to their representatives in each state and their team while maintaining brand appeal.

Mobile-First for Quick Solutions

Information Architecture

Local and National

Steeped in Southern Tradition and headquartered in Atlanta Georgia, NA Williams’ business spans not only 23 states but generations. NA Williams serves manufacturers, retailers and distributors of automotive replacement parts in addition to chemicals, accessories and tools. They wanted their site to reflect the company’s historical timeline, an important source of pride and they wanted their reps to be accessible and easy to find. In a review of the current website, they outlined significant changes and what they hoped to achieve. They desired to use smaller imagery, pare down content and opted to remove unnecessary service tabs in exchange for an anchored navigation bar with anchored scrolling.

Programs & Wholesale Distribution
Heavy Duty

Solution: Steering Visitors in the Right Direction

Staying in the Race

Under a seven-item site map, visitors can easily locate information from company history, team members, news, programs & services and areas served. Each heading branches off further into information and services, national accounts, recruiting opportunities and even easily discovered colleagues and reps.
Valuing team recognition meant filtering a large pool of reps by service or technical ability. The Aero Team created pages containing clickable team photos that reveal contact information, biographies, and even displays posted articles. They chose powerful but understated imagery of sharp-looking classic cars, shiny chrome, exciting and comfortable headers set off by Georgia Dogs team colors.

Area Served
Interactive Map

Crossing the Finish Line

Celebrating Success

NA Williams’ sharp looking comprehensive website currently reflects the strengths, traditions and values of this multifaceted company. Being accessible and informative, it makes reps easy to find, services easy to locate and provides a good user experience on computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.
The Aero Team was able to create a website that shares in practical ways, the experience and credibility of this long-standing auto care company. While serving and connecting with their clients, they’re also embracing new technology and remaining current with the needs of their clients.

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